Protect And Improve Your Credit Score In Marriage

Credit Score In Marriage

A recent study showed that marriage can be an important factor in credit score improvement. Credit scores are calculated by taking into account a number of factors, such as payment history and the ratio of debt to income. If one… Continue Reading

What are some tips for improving your credit score?

tips for improving your credit score

The top lenders use FICO scores to determine creditworthiness, and they are determined by five factors:- The most important factors in determining a credit score are payment history, your credit usage, the age of your credit account, and your mix… Continue Reading

How Utility Bills Can Boost Your Credit Score ?

Boost Your Credit Score

Utility bills let you build a long credit history and improve your credit score. They can also help reduce the risk of identity theft if you pay them with paper checks rather than plastic. Plus, utility bills are usually more… Continue Reading

How Long does it take to Rebuild your Credit History ?

rebuild your credit history

The average person has a credit score of 645. However, if you have no public records on your credit report, this number is significantly higher at 793. When it comes to rebuilding your credit history after a bankruptcy or other… Continue Reading