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Getting mistakes in your credit report can be very irritating and also would have negative impact on one’s financial status. If you post wrong information or things that should not be included will work against you and tilt your credit score down and it will be very hard for you to get loans, credit cards, and other products with favorable interest rates. Luckily, you have the right to challenge information that is incorrect or unverifiable with the credit reporting company.

It is an established fact that credit repair services assist consumers, like you, to eliminate negative entries on credit reports which have adversely affected your credit scores. We offer considerable help to our clients in defending their credit disputes and ensuring that the big three credit bureaus: Experian, Equifax, and Transunion investigate erroneous entries and take down negative information.

Why Dispute Negative Items?

Yet, mistakes are common – a Federal Trade Commission study found that one in five Americans have paid errors in their credit reports. It is worthy of note also that even one negative item can cause a drastic drop in your scores. As simple as it sounds, the removal of a single negative item can help boost your credit scores greatly.

Depending on your credit dispute, credit bureaus have legal obligations to investigate your claims reasonably which usually takes 30-45 days. Most negative things are gotten off these reports due to challenges, and lack of confirmation or acceptance of such reports. Their success rate for credit disputes is an impressive 70% and on average, negative items are removed from their client’s credit files under our supervision. That can help remove negative things which are reflected in the scores.

How Our Credit Repair Service Works

- Creditech retrieves your credit files from the three credit bureaus and thoroughly scrutinize the line-by-line analysis, isolating negative, inaccurate, and unverified items that we suggest you dispute

- Our credit analysts create and monitor professional, efficient, optimized disputes for you to contest dubious accounts in accordance to consumer laws

- We perform pressure diplomacy with creditors to get them to validate the black marks or remove items that cannot be legally corroborated.

- The disputes are monitored and are set to be active in constant follow-ups and resubmissions so as to achieve the highest removal rates of false, misleading, and outdated information.

Although, it is impossible for the team to make certain claims or even give assurances of specific outcomes basing on everyone’s credit position, our team has the skills of working under the best circumstances that will enhance the chances of the creditor deleting grounds that facilitate the deletion of doubtful entries. It is observed that most of the clients witness a sharp increase in their scores and authentic concerns are resolved mostly in period of 4-6 cycles in 4-6 months.

Additional Credit Repair Services:

In addition to dispute services, we provide: In addition to dispute services, we provide:

- Here are some credit tips that can help you to avoid such problems in future or constant drop in your credit score.

- The availability of a special FICO score tracker to keep track of personal progress

- Free credit report without signup for annual credit reports and credit report review.

- Security monitoring

- Credit rebuilding and the advice on how to pay off and consolidate debts

- Recommendations to other credible workers in the financial industry

How Credit Repair Company helps you in Remove Dispute Negative Items On Credit Report ?

Struggling with bad credit? We offer credit repair services and can assist you in requesting the deletion of any unfavorable information that may be incorrect, misleading, outdated, or unverified. You get credit reports from all three credit bureaus scrutinized by our highly experienced credit consultants who determine the negative entries that can be challenged and begin with protestation campaigns. We have over the years provided services that have helped us to remove bad records that our clients have encountered. It is also important that you receive full disclosure regarding the status of the dispute and the actions we are taking on your behalf. Let us assist you in regaining your credit score and enabling you to take your financial freedom back. Please feel free to call today to get more information on how our credit repair services will help in revamping your credit report and increasing your credit score. The first visit to our office is free of charge!