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If you have been trying to access a new line of credit, hire a rental, insurance cover or utility services, it is highly likely that the provider talked about your credit score. As a consumer, it is important to understand what your credit score is all about and this starts by looking at your credit report. Our mission at Credit Repair Ease is to help keep you in the know about your credit report and score and help you with resources and tips to improve your credit rating.

What Does A Credit Report Entail?

Now, every individual has a unique financial history and this is what a credit report covers. It is a detailed report of your credit history prepared by a credit reference bureau (Equifax, Experian or TransUnion). If you wish to discover credit report, you can get a free copy in 12 months from any of these three nationwide credit reporting companies.

These credit reporting agencies receive all your financial details from banks, insurance companies, credit card companies, service providers, employer among other sources. By accessing your information, these bureaus can create a unique credit report which they then share with financial institutions, employers, service providers and anyone else allowed by the law to access such information.

The comprehensive credit information included in your credit report makes work easier for banks and service providers. They can order credit report and evaluate your risk level in case you have applied for a loan or any other service.

One of the most important details in your credit report is the credit score. This credit rating helps determine whether to lend to you, how much to let you borrow, how much interest to charge you, whether to offer the service and at what cost, whether to give you a job among other things.

How to Get a Credit Report

Now that you appreciate the importance of a credit report it is time to learn how to access yours. The steps on how to get a credit report are:

  • Contact three nationwide credit reporting companies (Equifax, Experian or TransUnion) for a free credit report. You can only get one free copy every 12 months. You can visit to order a copy.
  • Use a credit repair company to access a free credit report: The best credit card repair company will partner with credit reference bureaus to easily access your credit card report.
  • Start reviewing the credit card report

At Credit Repair Ease, we not only help you with information on how to get your credit report but we go an extra mile to give you tips on how to improve your credit score. The importance of a credit repor t is to access your financial situation more so the credits score.

Our team has the expertise and tools to guide you on how to fix credit report. We work closely with you to identify any errors ion the credit report and dispute them with the relevant institutions. We also offer free tips on improving your credit score and you can access these at any time. We have a 24/7 customer support team to help you out and our user-friendly interface helps you track your credit score progress and communicate with us.

If you just searched “check my credit report” we are here to help you with this and much more. Get in touch today and let’s help you improve your credit score.