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Share Your Credit Challenges

Share Your Credit Challenges

Unlock the power of your goals! Together, we'll craft a personalized credit strategy that turbocharges your scores and transforms your credit profile for the better.

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Complete Complimentary Credit Analysis

Complete Credit Analysis

Embark on a journey to credit success with our exclusive 30-minute session! Our experts, meticulously analyze your credit report, crafting a bespoke roadmap fast-track your goals.

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Improve Your Credit Score

Improve Your Credit Score

Empower your credit journey with our arsenal of experts help, conveniently housed in your personalized dashboard. While you focus on growth, we handle the heavy lifting with the credit bureaus.

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Credit Cards

Elevate your credit score to unlock better credit card opportunities. Exploring good credit scores can enhance your financial flexibility and rewards.


Car Loans

Rev up your dreams with a good credit score! Discover how it paves the way for favorable car loan rates and smoother financing experiences.


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Open the door to home ownership with a stellar credit score! Exploring good credit scores can lead to lower interest rates and greater mortgage options for your dream home.


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Uncover the hidden perks of a good credit score! From insurance rates to rental approvals, explore it impacts various aspects of your financial life.


Our credit repair can improve your credit

Our credit repair services can help. We'll analyze your report, identify and challenge errors, and guide you towards a brighter financial future. With improved credit, you'll unlock better loan rates, lower insurance premiums, and even dream rentals. Take control today and see the difference a good credit score can make.

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  • Charge-Offs
  • Student Loans
  • Collections
  • Dispute Removal
  • Bankruptcy
  • Credit Coaching
  • Late Payments
  • Re-establishing Credit
  • Repossessions
  • Debt Settlement
  • Foreclosures
  • Mortgage Loan

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Are you among those who have a bad credit, or are you among those who think they will never get that precious loan or mortgage? You're not alone. It is important to understand that more than forty million Americans have their credit score below 650, which defines them as people with a poor credit. There is good news however and it is that credit repair is actually possible over time and with help from credit repair professionals.

With over 30 years of combined experience, our credit repair specialists are dedicated to the residents of Peoria and ensuring that you are offered a second chance at improving your credit score and open doors for better interest rates, new financing, and most importantly homeownership. If you think you are one of those who cannot afford credit repair services, let us assure you that we have different credit repair programs that can fit your needs and preferences.

Bad credit means higher costs for the inhabitants of Peoria.

Culled from several aspects of life, it becomes clear that bad credit hinders in diverse ways than one could imagine. Beyond higher interest rates and down payments, bad credit can:Beyond higher interest rates and down payments, bad credit can:

Moreover, given the current rates of FICO scores’ significance by lenders and employers, it is worth to work on credit health as thoroughly as possible.

What makes Peoria credit repair possible is the 3-Phase Approach used by our credit repair services.

We do not claim to work overnight or to have special credit repair secrets, which are far from the actuality. Credit repair is not a simple process which can be done in a few days or weeks; it requires hard work, time, and knowledge of federal laws. Our Peoria credit experts use a customized 3-phase method to legally improve your credit score:Our Peoria credit experts use a customized 3-phase method to legally improve your credit score:

1. Credit Report Review and Dispute Checklist

Then from Equifax, TransUnion, and Experian, we shall get your credit reports to analyze all account history, account errors or fraud, and other positive account information to add on. Following a thorough legal review of your case by our credit repair processing team, individualized dispute letters will be sent to challenge inaccurate or unverified information, as well as outdated details that are still reported in your credit files.

2. Credit Monitoring After the Trial & Other Disputes

We monitor the credit reports within and over each dispute cycle while waiting for new errors which often appear regularly. Usually, credit bureaus take 30-45 days to respond to the dispute letters submitted to them legally. Regarding the remaining changes and analysis after the credit bureaus have conducted some investigations on the complaints, we recommend on the further actions to take.

3. Credit Rebuilding Recommendations & Guide

In the meantime, we give you information on how you can improve on your credit score through the use of financial products such as secured credit cards. Our credit experts provide guidance for maintaining credit responsibly and provide suggestions for other credit related products that can help improve your profiles with credit reports.

Why Choose Us as the Right Credit Repair Services in Peoria

First of all, the members of the Peoria credit repair team of credit consultants use the most effective techniques as opposed to using an automated system that promises fast solutions. Our experts have provided dispute letters that have been submitted to the authorities for over 20 years in the market. Let me assure you that we are familiar with both state and federal laws and regulations governing credit repair, and therefore, all recommendations you receive are from a reputable, professional source.

We also offer:

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Don't wait. Each day these credits reports and false negatives persist means the next time you apply for loans and other financial opportunities you will be turned down.

Phone or visit our Peoria credit repair professionals to arrange the initial, free meeting. When credit is poor, our team ensures that rebuilding and the process of getting the approvals you need for the life you want is as seamless as possible. Call (888) 803 - 7889 today!

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