How to remove hard inquiries in 24 hours?

  • Posted on: 13 Feb 2023
    How to remove hard inquiries in 24 hours

  • Removing hard inquiries from your credit report can be a difficult process, especially if you don't know the right steps to take. Fortunately, there are ways to remove hard inquiries in 24 hours or less. With the right strategies and information, you can quickly and easily get rid of those pesky inquiries and improve your credit score.

    What is a hard inquiry?

    A hard inquiry is a type of credit check that can affect your credit score. It occurs when a lender or creditor reviews your credit report in order to determine whether or not to approve you for a loan, line of credit, or other financial product. Hard inquiries will remain on your credit report for up to two years and can have an impact on your overall score.

    You'll need to call each company's credit department and provide one of four reasons for removal:

    The inquiry was not approved by you.

    • You felt pressured into approving the credit pull.
    • The number of inquiries was more than you expected.
    • Your report got pulled without your knowledge or authorization.

    What requirements need to be met to remove hard inquiries from your credit report?

    1. You weren't aware it was created.
    2. You did not approve the inquiry.
    3. You're seeing more inquiries than you expected to see.

    How To Remove Hard Inquiries

    If you become the unfortunate victim of identity theft, don't despair! You can erase hard inquiries from your credit report by appealing to either creditor or one of the major Three Credit Bureaus. However, if it is not a case of ID theft but rather bad luck on your part, unfortunately, you'll have to wait for two years before that pesky inquiry will disappear from view.

    Look for unauthorized or incorrect hard inquiries!

    Are hard inquiries on your credit report causing you headaches? If so, take control of the situation and request to have them removed!

    1. You didn’t apply for a new credit account or loan.
    2. You didn’t otherwise authorize the credit inquiry.

    You can't erase a credit application or hard inquiry, but you don't have to worry! In roughly two years your reports will reflect that it has fallen off and no longer affects your overall credit history.

    Not all suspicious inquiries are fraudulent.

    Have you ever had an inquiry appear on your credit report that seemed out of the ordinary? Don't let it be a cause for alarm - sometimes even strange inquiries could have perfectly legitimate explanations.

    A loan broker can be a valuable asset when you are trying to secure the best rate on your loan. They do the shopping around for you and submit applications, but each of these submissions could lead to an authorized inquiry – even if only one loan comes out of it in the end!

    If you suspect fraud act quickly

    An unauthorized hard inquiry on your credit reports could be an indication of potential fraud or identity theft, so it's important to investigate and take action quickly.

    • Someone fraudulently applied for a credit account using your details.
    • A creditor pulled your credit even though it didn’t have your permission.
    • The credit bureau mistakenly added the inquiry to your report.
    • Someone apply the new credit account behalf of you

    An unauthorized hard inquiry on your credit report could be a sign of identity theft. As soon as you spot suspicious activity, take proactive steps to protect yourself - after all, it's better to prevent misuse than have to try and clean up messes afterward! Consider options such as placing fraud alerts or freezing your accounts.

    If warranted, file a dispute with the corresponding credit bureau.

    Dispute any errors on your credit reports - it can be challenging, but the law requires investigation and correction of inaccurate information by credit bureaus. Don't accept substandard service or false results; take action to ensure accuracy!

    Resolving those pesky hard inquiries on your credit report is easy with Credit Repair Ease. With their Direct Dispute tool, you can quickly and effectively dispute any errors appearing on the TransUnion portion of your consumer credit bureau - no matter if it's Equifax, Experian, or TransUnion! Get back to a perfect score in no time at all.

    How To Get Hard Inquiries Off Your Credit Report?

    Did you know that if inaccurate information is the root cause of a hard inquiry on your credit report, you can take steps to have it removed? Credit Repair Ease is specializing in assisting with this process. You could be one step closer to achieving good credit - inquire inquiries drop from view after two years or sooner!

    Call on (888) 803-7889 to remove hard inquiries in 24 hours from your credit report.


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