Top 3 Methods to Prevent Identity Theft

  • Posted on: 09 Jan 2023

  • Preventing your identity is an important part of adult life. It's not a matter of if, but when you might be impacted by fraud or theft. Everyone should take steps to safeguard their personal information and ensure they don't become victims of this crime.

    Prevent Identity Theft is the best defense against costly fraud and long-term headaches. Once a thief has infiltrated, it's an uphill battle to recover all that was lost; from disputing transactions, reporting fraudulent activity, and additional security measures like account freezes - prevention is paramount!

    How to prevent identity theft?

    1. Place credit freezes:

    Protect your credit with a powerful tool – the Credit Freeze! A freeze puts you in control: only you can grant permission for potential lenders to view your history. When someone attempts to access it, the bureaus alert you and let you decide whether or not they should proceed. Keep yourself safe from fraudsters - activate that credit freeze today!

    Gain an advantage over potential identity thieves by placing a credit freeze! It's the simplest way to protect your financial information, and it can be done in minutes. Take action easily with these few straightforward steps - call or mail the credit bureaus today for more peace of mind tomorrow.

    2. Secure your electronics:

    As cyber criminals become increasingly savvy, it's more important than ever to stay one step ahead of identity theft. To protect yourself and your electronic devices from malicious activity, regularly check them for suspicious signs or irregularities that could signal a threat.

    Safeguard your digital accounts with strong, unique passwords! Diversify among platforms - no two should be alike. Enjoy the extra layer of protection from longer phrases combined with uppercase letters, numbers, and symbols.

    3. Keep an eye on open accounts:

    With identity theft on the rise, it's important to stay vigilant in monitoring your accounts regularly. By signing up for free credit reporting and setting up alerts when a new account is opened with your name, you'll be able to detect any suspicious activity quickly and protect yourself from potential harm.

    Pro Tip: Order free credit reports:

    Keeping up with your free credit reports from Transunion, Experian, and Equifax is key for safeguarding against identity theft. Did you know that each of the bureaus offers this service as a complimentary benefit every year? Taking advantage of it can help ensure peace of mind when monitoring financial security.

    Safeguarding your identity is of the utmost importance. Don't leave yourself vulnerable - act today to secure it! Monitor your credit report regularly, practice cybersecurity best practices while online, and consider freezing your credit for extra protection against theft.

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