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Filing bankruptcy may not be the wisest move when it comes to repairing your credit score. Even though debt will be discharged, Chapter 13 proceedings or otherwise won't erase any blemish you have on your report- in fact, just quite the opposite! A Bankruptcy is procedurally entered into Public Records and stays there for seven years with potential damage of up to 200 points off one's overall score (unless removed).

Facing a lawsuit can be overwhelming, and in these cases, bankruptcy may be an appropriate solution. But if that's not the case for you, there could still exist simpler options to help restore your credit history.

How To Wipe Your Credit History Clean?

To get your credit score back on track, consider enlisting the help of an expert like Credit Repair Ease who can assist you in identifying and disputing any inaccuracies that appear on your report. Alternatively, request a "pay-for-delete" from creditors to have negative items removed – though success is not always guaranteed!

Can You Wipe Your Credit Clean For Free?

Wiping your credit may not be free — but it doesn't have to break the bank. You can use a "pay-for-delete" if creditors allow, or go one step further and invest in expert help from Credit Repair Ease to dispute any inaccurate items on your report for good!

Get Your Bankruptcy Removed Professionally

Need some help getting your credit score back on track? Let a Credit Repair professional take the wheel. With their expertise in evaluating and analyzing reports, you'll be stress-free as they smooth out any bumps along the way to get you closer to your financial goals!

Want to boost your credit score? Look no further than Credit Repair Ease - they provide top-of-the-line solutions and renowned customer service! Give them a call at (888) 803-7889, or set up an appointment today. You won't be disappointed!

Credit Repair Ease provides a unique service for everyday Americans, helping them to unlock their financial potential by removing negative items from credit reports. With an unrivaled commitment and dedication to each customer, they offer the knowledge needed to reach personal financial goals in life.

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