What is a fraud alert?

  • Posted on: 21 Dec 2022

  • A fraud alert is a warning issued by credit bureaus to let creditors know that you may be a victim of identity theft. When you place a fraud alert on your credit report, potential creditors are required to take additional steps to verify your identity before issuing new credit in your name. Placing a fraud alert on your credit report is free and easy, and can help protect you from identity theft.

    Credit cards are a convenient way to make purchases, but they also come with risks. The money isn't actually yours--it's the lenders! If someone looks over your shoulder and copies down that credit card number for use at $1 million worth of merchandise then by federal law you will not be held accountable if anything happens as result.

    Fraud alerts are a great way to keep your credit score clean and prevent future fraud. You can choose from three different types of alerts: criminal conviction, bankruptcy filing or dispute resolved through an arbitration proceeding- whichever is best suited for you will depend on the nature (and severity) if any convictions in question!

    How do fraud alerts work?

    Fraud Alerts are a great way to reduce your chances that someone else gets access to credit in the event you're not able. They require lenders to contact before they open up any new lines of crap for someone, which means if there's an emergency and we need something quick - like buying toothpaste at Walmart- then it won't happen without checking first!

    Fraud alerts can last from one to seven years, depending on the type. You are only charged for this service if you request it with any of three credit bureaus online or by phone and they will provide confirmation once your account has been activated

    A great way that helps prevent identity theft is through fraud alert notifications- these services cost nothing but provide peace of mind knowing there's an extra layer between yourself as well as those trying would do harm In order words recommend getting them!

    Standard fraud alerts

    With a standard fraud alert, you will be able to protect your credit from being compromised for an entire year. You can renew this type of protection annually and receive copies of both your and anyone else's report as often as needed with no additional charge!

    Extended fraud alerts

    Extended fraud alerts are a great way to keep your information safe. They last for seven years and require you to submit an identity theft report with the credit bureaus, but it’s worth doing as this will help protect against any future attacks on our accounts!

    Active-duty fraud alerts

    Identity theft is a serious issue for military members who are deployed. Fortunately, by placing an active-duty fraud alert on their credit reports they can protect themselves from being victims of this crime and also reduce the chances that it will happen while serving overseas!

    When a service member is activated, they must alert all three credit bureaus that their active duty status has been changed. If this person was previously reported as having an unpaid bill or past due loan on file with one of the bureaus then there will be removed from your record once you contact them directly about removing it manually before year's end!

    Active-duty fraud alerts give military members the ability to limit their exposure for two years. To place an active duty alert on your credit reports, you will need to provide detailed information about yourself including what branch of service and ID number is associated with it!

    Do fraud alerts affect credit?

    Placing a fraud alert has no effect on your credit. You won't be penalized for placing this protection—it simply lets the three major bureaus know that you want extra security when it comes to reporting information about yourself, and in some cases, they may actually help keep unauthorized users from taking out lines of their own!

    Protect your credit

    If you need help protecting your credit, we offer a variety of services including fraud alerts. A good way to maintain high scores on reports is by placing this type of warning so that it becomes more difficult for anyone else trying to access an account while posing as someone who has permission."

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