How to Repair Your Credit Following a Divorce?

  • Posted on: 21 Dec 2022

  • Divorce is a difficult enough process for all involved, but when it comes to credit, the situation can be even more complicated. In this article, we will explore some of the options that are available to those who have been divorced and wish to repair their credit.

    To move forward with your life after divorce, you may need a little help from someone just like us. We'll help you get back on track with your finances so that you can live comfortably despite what might have happened with your marriage. Our credit repair company has helped countless people through tough times, and we're here for you now too.

    Top Tips to Repair Your Credit Following a Divorce

    1. Review Your Financial Standing

    It's important to review your credit and finances before you go through a divorce. Divorce can be expensive. Taking the time to get your financial house in order will make things easier for yourself and your spouse, as well as any children who are involved in the divorce.

    If you have been divorced before, certain aspects of this process may likely seem familiar. One thing that might not be familiar is how much more complicated everything becomes when there are children involved in the proceedings. In addition, if one partner has a significantly higher income or assets than his or her soon-to-be ex-spouse, this could lead to significant complications during a divorce settlement negotiation process.

    2. Take Care of any Remaining Joint Accounts

    If you and your ex-spouse share any joint accounts, make sure to close them before the divorce is finalized. The credit union needs a court order or power of attorney to close an account on someone's behalf. So if you don't want to be liable for charges made after the account is closed, take care of it yourself. Contact your bank representative today and they'll help you get started. It's also important to check with all of the companies that have access to your information (banks, utilities, health insurance providers) about how they will handle changes once you're divorced. You may need a new social security number or a new driver's license if either one has been shared by both spouses.

    3. Balance Your Budget

    A budget is the best way to get your finances under control. You can start by tracking what you spend and where you are spending it by using a ledger or an app like Mint. With this information in hand, it becomes much easier to see where your money goes each month which will help you find hidden expenses that may be draining your bank account. It could also reveal opportunities for saving more on things like groceries or entertainment. Most importantly, once you have a handle on how much money comes in and goes out, then it's time to set some goals for yourself so that you know when to save up for big purchases, pay off debt, or put aside funds for savings.

    4. Establish Credit Independently

    As a recent divorcee, you may be feeling the need to establish credit independently. Lenders want to know that you are capable of managing your finances responsibly before they will approve a loan for you. It can be difficult to get approved for an apartment or car without good credit.

    5. Rebuild a Positive Credit History

    If your credit score is low, you may be wondering how to rebuild positive credit history. There are several ways that you can work toward rebuilding your credit rating and we'll take a look at some of the most common methods below. Some suggestions for rebuilding your credit rating include: using cash instead of cards when possible, paying off balances in full each month, making sure all account information is accurate and up-to-date, requesting a lower interest rate on loans or other high-priced items, and checking with an attorney about dissolving any debts which might have gone unpaid during divorce proceedings.

    6. Bankruptcy – The Last Resort

    Bankruptcy is a last resort for most people. It's the final step before filing personal bankruptcy and it can be long, difficult, and expensive. There are many reasons to file bankruptcy that range from divorce to excessive debt accumulation. The best way to know if bankruptcy is right for you is by consulting with an attorney who specializes in this field of law. They will help you determine your options so you can find the solution that best suits your needs.

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