Does Closing a Checking Account Affect Credit Score ?

  • Posted on: 28 Feb 2024
    does closing a checking account affect credit score

  • Regarding personal money, controlling your credit score is quite critical. While many know how loans and credit card payments affect their score, few know the possible effects of deleting a checking account. Unlike common assumptions, canceling a checking account has no direct impact on your credit score as credit agencies do not record the activity of checking accounts. Closing a checking account might, however, affect your financial situation in indirect ways. Let's explore this further to get a whole knowledge.

    Why Closing a Checking Account Doesn't Directly Affect Your Credit Score:

    Examining Account Activity Not Reportedly Not Reported Check accounts are used for depositing and withdrawing money unlike credit cards and loans, which include borrowing money. Consequently, the activity inside a checking account—such as deposits, withdrawals, or balance maintenance—is not recorded to the primary major credit bureaus Equifax, Experian, and Transunion.

    Factors like payment history, credit use, duration of credit history, kinds of credit accounts, and recent credit queries mostly determine credit scores. Closing a checking account won't immediately affect your credit score as these criteria exclude checking account activity.

    Indirect Effects of Closing a Checking Account:

    Although terminating a checking account has no direct impact on your credit score, it might indirectly compromise your financial situation:

    Closing a checking account could cut links to a certain bank, particularly if you have a long-standing client relationship with them. Your connection with the bank and its future openness to provide credit or favorable conditions may suffer as a result.

    Loss of Account History: Your whole financial profile is shaped in part by the length of time your accounts have been open. Closing a checking account removes the record connected to that account, hence possibly affecting your trustworthiness with the next lenders.

    When you create a checking account, certain banks may do a credit check especially if you are seeking an overdraft line of credit or a connected credit card. Although this search won't greatly affect your credit score, it increases the pool of searches on your credit report.

    If you cancel a checking account connected to another account or service, like overdraft protection or automated bill payments, improper handling might result in missing payments or overdraft fines.

    Tips for Closing a Checking Account Wisely:

    Should you want to terminate a checking account, it is important to do it deliberately to reduce any possible adverse effects:

    Review your finances to make sure any related automated payments or direct deposits are transferred to another account and any pending transactions have cleared.

    Notify providers of automatic payments and direct deposits. Tell businesses of any automated payments connected to your previous account and update your direct deposit details with your company.

    Withdraw or transfer any last money from the account, then document the transaction for your records.

    Every bank closes accounts using its policies. Following these guidelines will help you to avoid any fines or hassles.

    After terminating the account, review your credit report to be sure it fairly shows the closure and that there are no mistakes or disparities.


    In conclusion, closing a checking account should be carefully managed even if it does not immediately affect your credit score. Understanding how canceling a checking account could influence your financial situation and acting early to prevent any possible problems will help you negotiate this side of personal finance with comfort and confidence. Recall that keeping a good credit score calls for not only good credit account management but also awareness of your banking contacts and general financial conduct.

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