Credit Card Debt Relief Gets You Debt Free in 36 Months or Less

Credit Card Debt Relief

We know how taxing being in debt can be mentally and emotionally, that’s why our credit card debt relief programs don’t last longer than 36 months. Our top priority is to get you debt free and our debt settlement programs are the key to doing it as soon as possible.

Most of our programs last between 12-24 months, but we do have longer programs for those who simply cannot pay to get out of debt that fast. Our extended programs range from 36-48 months and are very flexible in terms of payment plans.

A lot of people don’t quite know the difference between a debt settlement program and debt consolidation loans. Both are forms of credit card debt relief and debt relief for other debts like personal loans and medical bills. The biggest differences are:

Differences Between Debt Settlement vs. Debt Consolidation Loans

Debt Settlement Debt Consolidation Loans
Reduces total debt by up to 60% Lowers interest to 3-5%
Eliminates interest entirely Shows up on credit report
Does not show up on credit report Combines all debts into monthly payment
Combines all debts into monthly payment Lowers monthly payment by up to 2 times
Lowers monthly payment by up to 3 times Programs start at 48 months and are usually longer

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